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Student Testimonials

Chatfield College PSEO student Aurora Bohler

›“Chatfield is a family tradition. I really love the teachers and the flexible class schedule."

- Aurora Boler, PSEO student, St. Martin Campus




Joseph Anderson, Chatfield Student›“I enjoy the small campus setting and the fact that teachers know students by name.”

- Joseph Anderson, Cincinnati Campus



Emily Knisley, Chatfield College Class of 2013 ›“Chatfield is a great experience coming from being home-schooled. Professors always make time for the students.”

- Emily Knisley, Class of 2013



 Nathan Bixler, Chatfield Student›“I like Chatfield because it feels like a family, instead of not knowing anyone, like on a bigger campus.”

- Nathan Bixler, St. Martin Campus



Theresa Fletcher, Chatfield Class of 2013“I like the block scheduling because I could attend classes once a week, which left plenty of time for my work schedule and to spend time with my sons.”

- Teresa Fletcher, Class of 2013



Amy Ashurst, Chatfield Student ›“I really like the class sizes because you get to know your professors and classmates.”

- Amy Ashurst, St. Martin Campus



sokoni hughes, Chatfield Student"I chose Chatfield because it felt right. The instructors really care about your success."

- Sokoni Hughes, Cincinnati Campus student



Lillie Henize, Chatfield Student›“I knew Chatfield was the perfect place for me as soon as I came here. I just fit.”

- Lillie Henize, St. Martin Campus




Omega Maddox, Chatfield Class of 2013"I recommend Chatfield to anyone thinking about college, or even if you're not.  The flexibile scheduling is really convienent and the instructors are very supportive."

- Omega Maddox, Class of 2013




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