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2-Year Degree Programs of Study


General Education and Concentrations

Chatfield's educational program includes two main parts: core course requirements and concentration elective requirements. Core course requirements include courses from a range of subjects to promote a broad knowledge base grounded in the humanities and appropriate for all students. Elective concentration requirements enable students to begin to focus, or concentrate, on specific professional options. Some concentration courses may also satisfy core course requirements. In these cases, students do not earn double course credits, but they do satisfy double requirements, thereby creating more time for elective courses. Electives allow students to explore other personal interests. The total number of semester credit hours required for the Associate of Arts degree is 64.


In addition to the General Education Core Requirements, students may select a concentration in Early Childhood Education, Human Services, or Business. In some cases, courses may apply toward both the general education core and the requirements for the individual concentrations. Students may also choose to not have a concentration and pursue a more general course of studies in Liberal Arts. This general course of study prepares students for a wide range of four-year programs.

Core Requirements

In pursuing the 64 semester credit hours required for the Associate of Arts degree, the student must complete 39 semester credit hours of general education core courses.

ENG 101 English Composition I 3 credit hours
ENG 102W English Composition II 3 credit hours
SPE 105 Oral Communications 3 credit hours
INF 125 Introduction to Computer 3 credit hours
MAT 125 or higher Mathematics 3 credit hours
Elective Religious Studies 3 credit hours
Elective Philosophy 3 credit hours
Elective Literature or History 3 credit hours
Elective Art, Music, or Theater 3 credit hours
Elective Sociology or Psychology 3 credit hours
Elective Political Science or Economics 3 credit hours
Elective Science 4 credit hours
Elective Cornerstone (Effective Fall 2007) 1 credit hour
Elective Capstone (Effective Fall 2007) 1 credit hour
    39 credit hours

Students must demonstrate basic proficiency in writing skills as a prerequisite for English Composition. Certain courses are writing intensive and are designated by a “W” following the course number on the schedule and student's transcript. There is also a placement test to determine the appropriate mathematics course for each student. Students who are weak in English, reading, or mathematics will be placed in an appropriate level course. Students will not be denied admission due to low placement test scores.

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