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How to Apply

Chatfield College wants prospective students to know that from the moment they make contact with the college, they will never be considered just a number.  Applicants are taking important steps toward fulfilling their potential and Chatfield is privileged to be part of that process.

If you think Chatfield is for you, we encourage you to take the next step toward your future by filling out an application for admission.  You’ll find several applications below, just click on the one that applies to you.  There’s no application fee when you apply online!

  • First-Time Student
    I have never attended Chatfield College for any kind of class, certificate or degree.

  • High School Student (Post-Secondary Enrollment)
    I am currently in high school and am interested in obtaining college credits.

  • Transfer Student
    I have attended a college or university elsewhere and would like to transfer to Chatfield College.

  • Returning Student
    I have attended Chatfield College before but haven’t been enrolled for one or more terms.
  • Veteran
    I have served in the military, Selected Reserve or National Guard of the United States.

Admissions Department Forms & Documents:
Admissions Checklist

Asset Student Guide