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Endowment Scholarship Application

Deadline for application:
Spring Semester 2015: November 3, 2014
Summer Semester 2015: February 20, 2015
Fall Semester 2015: April 13, 2015

Incomplete applications will not be considered. To qualify, all applicants must submit the following items:
1. Chatfield College Application for Admission
2. Proof of satisfactory completion of high school (official transcript or transcript as of time of application if currently in high school), G.E.D. (scores), or secondary home-school program (ACT test scores and/or transcript). College transcripts if transferring credits in from a previously attended college.
3. Completed scholarship application
4. Completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Answer all questions carefully and completely.

Applicant Information:

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Email address

Home Address Street

Home Address Apt#

Home Address City

Home Address State

Home Address Zip

Preferred Telephone

Previous Education

Name of High School w/City & State

Previous College #1 (include dates attended)

Previous College #2 (include dates attended)

Other Training #1(certificate programs, workshops, etc, and dates)

Other Training #2(certificate programs, workshops, etc, and dates)

Expected Enrollment at Chatfield

Spring (January) 2015
Summer (June) 2015
Fall (August) 2015

Check your degree concentration

Liberal Arts
Child Development/Education
Human Services

Are you planning on completing a four-year degree (Bachelor's)?


What are your educational goals?

Employment History and/or Volunteer Service (begine with most recent):

Company/Organization #1



Dates Attended

Company/Organization #2



Dates Attended

Company/Organization #3



Dates Attended

Company/Organization #4



Dates Attended

Essay Questions:

Attach typewritten sheets for your answers to the essay questions. Answers should be complete and well thought out, with 100 to 150 words.

1. Tell about a recent accomplishment that has given you pride and satisfaction - for example, learning a skill, meeting a challenge, or solving a problem.
Current Word Count: 0

2.Describe your past and current involvement in serving your community. Even if you have not recently had time or resources available to participate in community activities, tell us what your specific interests are and how you envision making a contribution in the future.
Current Word Count: 0

3.Share one or two career goals you have seriously considered. Tell why you think they might suit you, and how you would go about reaching the goal(s) and succeeding.
Current Word Count: 0


Do not use members of your family. At least one should be an instructor, teacher, or supervisor who has taught or supervised you and knows you well.

Reference#1 Name

Reference#1 Email

Reference#1 Address

Reference#1 City/State/Zip

Reference#1 Phone

Reference#1 Relationship

Reference#2 Name

Reference#2 Email

Reference#2 Address

Reference#2 City/State/Zip

Reference#2 Phone

Reference#2 Relationship

Reference#3 Name

Reference#3 Email

Reference#3 Address

Reference#3 City/State/Zip

Reference#3 Phone

Reference#3 Relationship

Reference#4 Name

Reference#4 Email

Reference#4 Address

Reference#4 City/State/Zip

Reference#4 Phone

Reference#1 Relationship

Chatfield's endowed scholarship funds are available through the generosity of donors. Awards are based on consideration of academic ability, leadership potential, goal clarity, community involvement, and financial need. All endowed scholarship awards are intended to produce a dollar for dollar reduction in your loan obligation. These awards may be applied to tuition and fee charges only. Full-year scholarship funds are normally divided equally between Fall and Spring semesters. Partial year scholarships (Spring only or Summer only) may be awarded as funds are available. Recipients must be enrolled for the number of hours stated in their award letter prior to the registration deadline for each term, or risk forfeiting the award.

By submitting this application, I agree to comply with all stewardship requirements of the College. I also agree that if selected for an endowed scholarship, I will reduce or eliminate my need for student loans by the amount of the award.

Signature of Applicant

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