Advising/Support Services

Advising/Support Services

Welcome to Chatfield College from the Academic Advising department. We are glad you have decided to start your educational journey with Chatfield.

The academic advising department assists students beyond their own world views, while acknowledging their individual characteristics, values, and motivations as they enter, move through, and exit the institution.

Mission Statement
The Academic advising department at Chatfield College is dedicated to continuing the Chatfield mission of empowering students who might best succeed within our supportive, small college experience. Our mission is to promote and encourage students to develop and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values, goals and career plans. Our purpose is to guide students to become self-directed learners and decision makers.

Meet the Advisors

Jennifer Fiedeldey

Jennifer Fiedeldey

Math Faculty/Chair/Advisor
St. Martin Campus
(513) 875-3344 ext. 127
Wanda Hill

Wanda Hill

Development Coordinator
Over-the-Rhine Campus
(513) 921-9856 ext. 208
Sr. Patricia Homan

Sr. Patricia Homan

Vice President of Mission & Identity, Over-the-Rhine Site Director
Over-the-Rhine Campus
(513) 875-3344 ext. 112
Ashely McWhorter

Ashely McWhorter

Coordinator of Academic Advising & Title IX
Over-the-Rhine Campus
(513) 921-9856 ext. 218
Jim Woodford

Jim Woodford

Science Chair/ Advisor
St. Martin Campus
Over-the-Rhine Campus
(513) 875-3344


Instructors, your early feedback about specific behaviors may signal to students that they need to take corrective actions to their behaviors if they want to succeed academically. Your participation supports our student retention efforts and our desire to help them.

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Student and Advisor Responsibilities

College Responsibilities

The relationship between advisor and advisee is one of shared responsibility. The college will assist in this relationship by:

  • Establish academic advisement and related policies, procedures, and resources.
  • Publish timely and accurate information on program requirements.
  • Connect academic and career counseling services.
  • Assist advisors in professional development
  • Recognize and reward outstanding advisors

Student Responsibilities

Advisors can help you understand fully all of your options and avoid needless mistakes, but only if you take the initiative to seek their advice. Your responsibilities in the advising relationship are:

  • Prepare for and keep appointments
  • Know and follow academic plans
  • Use college resources
  • Attend and participate in class
  • Take responsibility for and own decisions
  • Review academic progress

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Clarify college policies, regulations, programs, and procedures
  • Monitor student progress; discuss academic performance and the implications of performance on desired program and financial aid.
  • Be familiar with program requirements
  • Be responsive listener and refer to appropriate support services within the college or community when needed
  • Motivate students to take responsibility for their own academic and career goals
  • Offer advice on selecting courses and assist in developing an academic plan that satisfies degree requirements.