2017 Summer Enrichment Program

Summer Enrichment at St. Martin Campus

6 weeks starting the first full week in June through July 14; One and a half hours per week unless otherwise specified.  Courses are $40 plus applicable fees which vary according to supplies needed, unless otherwise indicated.  Some courses are restricted to a capped number, so enroll early.

All classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

  • BEGINNING PAINTING Wednesday  9:00-10:30 AM      12 maximum      $15 fee for materials

This class is dedicated to developing painting skills using acrylic paints.  Individual instruction will be given to each student based on level of experience.

  • BASIC DRAWING    Jeannine Mullenix   Thursday  9:00-10:30 AM    12 maximum    $10 fee for materials

This course introduces the fundamentals of drawing and rendering three-dimensional forms on a two dimensional surface.  Students will be introduced to contour, space and shape as well as perspective.

  • TAI CHI FOR ARTHRITIS                 Jane Amiot            Monday    10:30-11:30 AM               15 maximum

Tai Chi for arthritis is an easy flowing exercise that improves muscle strength and flexibility.  By increasing muscle strength it helps protect joints and ease pain and stiffness.  Tai Chi also improves physical condition, coordination and balance, which decreases the risk of falls.

  • THE HISTORY OF BROWN COUNTY   Lonnie Griffith     Tuesday 3:30-5:00 PM                        25 maximum

The fascinating History of Brown County with visits to the Historical Society Museum.

  • GUITAR  Jamie Murrell       Scheduled individually

This is an opportunity to have 4 individual guitar lessons; one a week during the month of June.  Each lesson is 30 minutes.    There are no prerequisites or previous experiences required, but you must supply the guitar.

Learn the art knitting and/or crocheting with Karen.  Begin making Christmas gifts now by learning how to select yarns, patterns, and techniques.  This is a “learn by doing” class.

  • YOGA FOR RELAXATION                Jane Amiot            Monday    9:15-10:15 AM   15 maximum

Yoga begins with a warm-up, then sequences of poses, ending with a relaxation.  Build tone and strengthen muscles, reduce stress, increase stamina and flexibility as well as help alleviate arthritis and chronic pain.  Course Requirements: Comfortable clothing and Yoga mat.

Get in shape during the 7 weeks prior to the “Nun’s Run for Hope” sponsored by Chatfield College on July22, 2017.  Track coach and former collegiate runner  Brianna Houchens will help you prepare for the 5K Walk/Run and included in the course fee is the entrance fee for the Race.  No excuses!

  • BEES & POLLINATORS Chris Dresel, President and Gary Keuffer, Coordinator of Education, Brown County Beekeepers Association.           Wednesdays 7:00-8:30  PM                     35 Maximum

Topics to be covered through PowerPoint presentations, videos and handouts include: the importance of pollinators, an introduction to Beekeeping, Bee hive selection, seasonal management of Beekeeping, gardening for pollinators, and trapping Bees from trees and structures.

  • ZENTANGLE        Diane White   June 15, June 22 & June 29 from 10:00-Noon     12 Maximum    

Zentangle   is an easy to learn, relaxing method of creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.   This process of drawing is a wonderful meditative practice and can be done anywhere, anytime for fun and/or as part of a mindfulness practice.   Benefits of drawing with this method have been known to improve focus, reduce stress, develop self confidence and stimulate creativity.

  • POTTERY FOR BEGINNERS Kristen Walker   Wednesday 6/7 and Thursday 6/8 from 3:30-7:00PM and Wednesday 6/28 from 3:00-5:00 PM.        $15 fee for materials   12 maximum
    In this concentrated introduction to Pottery, students will create ceramic pieces using each of the three         hand building methods in addition to glazing the pieces made.