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Student Advising Program


The Chatfield College Student Advising Program is intended to accomplish five major goals:

Goal One: Appropriate Placement
All students registering for their first Semester of classes after matriculation complete a placement test to assess their level of competency in English composition, reading, personal computers and mathematics. The results of these tests are used to insure that no student registers for any class inappropriate for the student's current level of academic performance, reducing the likelihood of early frustration and potential failure.

Goal Two: Early and Consistent Advising
When placement test results are determined, an Admissions Counselor will assist the new student in choosing a schedule for the first semester of classes. These choices for the first semester are limited and are based upon student placement testing. The student will also be assigned to their Faculty Advisor at this time. The Faculty Advisors will contact and meet their new advisees at an orientation program or during the first week of classes.

Goal Three: Advising by Experienced Faculty
All students are generally advised by experienced faculty who are members of the Chatfield College Faculty Senate. The Advisor assignment is based upon the following criteria:

  • Four different Concentrations are offered: Liberal Arts, Early Childhood Education, Human Services and Business. Students who have selected a Concentration will generally be advised by the Department Chairperson of their Concentration. Post Secondary Education Option and Liberal Arts students will be advised by other Senior Faculty in various disciplines. Any students needing special academic support as indicated by their placement testing will be assigned a developmental advisor to provide support as needed.
  • Off-campus and Cohort Program students are advised by experienced faculty and administrators directly involved with these programs.

Goal Four: Career Planning
Throughout the Associate of Arts program, the student, in addition to the advice of their Academic Advisor, will have access to a variety of career planning tools. These include elective courses in Academic Planning and Career planning. In addition, students will be provided information on various Certificate and Licensure requirements. A career planning counselor is available for individual assistance.

Goal Five: Successful Transition to a Baccalaureate Program
Chatfield College intends that graduates be prepared to make a successful transfer to the Baccalaureate Program of their choice. To support this goal, Chatfield College is fully accredited and has 3+1 programs in cooperation with Franklin College and the Union Institute, where students complete their third year of study at our campus. This third year is planned by a Faculty Coordinator at the Chatfield Campus, working closely with the student and an advisor from the cooperating school to insure the transfer is completed as easily and efficiently as possible. It is also possible to complete third year courses which will transfer directly to other institutions with whom we have articulation agreements and to most other Colleges and Universities.

Chatfield College intends that one of our strengths shall always be the personal, one-on-one support for our students throughout their Chatfield experience. We feel that our advising program is a major component of this uniquely personal college program, and are constantly looking for ways to improve in order to better meet the needs of our students.




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