What Our Students Say About Chatfield


Heather Daugherty

  • Dean’s List
  • Recipient of the Theodore C. Wagenaar scholarship
  • Pursuing an Associate degree in Chemical Dependency

“I heard about Chatfield College as a child when I took piano lessons here in 1987 with Sr. Maria. Just last summer, I decided to come to Chatfield after I attended a Job Fair at Southern Hills Vocational School. Now as a Chatfield student, I know I could not have hand picked a better school. I love it here. Any time I have needed anything, someone has always been there to help me with the situation. I love the small class sizes and I probably would have been lost without my tutors. If I would have attended any other school, I think I would have slid through the cracks but the faculty and staff of Chatfield care for you as both a student and a person. In the future, I plan to earn my Associate degree in Chemical Dependency, because I know there is a need for more counselors. After I achieve this, I would like to continue my education by getting a Bachelor’s degree in Social Services. I know whatever it is that I do, it will be big because Chatfield has prepared me for a big future.”


Nyeesha Smith

  • Purcell Marian graduate
  • Linda Stamm Scholarship recipient
  • Dean’s List student for three consecutive semesters
  • Adult learner returning to college after 7 years

“College right after high school was not the best fit for me. I took education for granted the first time around, but now I’m ready to work to my highest potential. Chatfield has been a great starting point for college. My concentration at Chatfield is Business, and I intend to continue my education at Xavier University with a major in Finance and a minor in Accounting.”


Emily Knisley

  • Homeschooled student
  • 2013 Chatfield Grad
  • Now pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at Ohio State, majoring in International Relations

“Despite my fears of coming from a homeschool environment, I found the staff and students of Chatfield College welcoming. I had thought it would be tough to adjust to things like a class schedule and homework, but the transition was smooth. I really enjoyed being in the classroom learning alongside my peers, as well as being exposed to varying points of view. I was really able to get to know my fellow students on a personal level, thanks to the quaint campus and small class sizes. One of the things I appreciate most about Chatfield is how the professors are invested in the success of every individual.”


Joey Anderson

  • Purcell Marian graduate
  • CISE Scholar
  • Seton Scholarship recipient
  • Phi Beta Kappa member
  • After Chatfield, plans to get a Bachelor’s Degree and then go to law school

“When I was in High School, I never thought I needed to go to college. I couldn’t wait to get out and get a job, which I did—at a warehouse. Two years later, I realized I wanted to do more with my life. I wanted to make a difference, and I knew that education was the key to me being able to do that. So I enrolled at Chatfield College and it’s been great. I like being in a smaller class setting because we all get to know each other. Even the instructors know your name and everyone cares about your success.”