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Who is Eligible for Financial Aid at Chatfield College?

Financial aid is considered to be any funds from a program that a student uses to help meet the cost of attending college. This may include grants, scholarships, loans, employer reimbursement, third party, or others. Eligibility for each program may be different, and it is the responsibility of the student to apply and to maintain compliance with the requirements.

New Students

  • Applicants must be accepted to the college and enrolled as degree-seeking students earning college credit.
  • Applicants must have completed a high school program, have a GED certificate, or completed another recognized high school completion program.
  • A final transcript is required, as some financial aid programs require information from this document.
  • To qualify for financial aid from federal sources, students must not be in default on any federal student loan from prior college attendance, or owe a refund to the school or to the U.S. Department of Education for any federal grant previously disbursed.

Continuing Students

Students must be making satisfactory progress toward a degree to continue eligibility for financial aid. At the end of Fall and Spring semesters, we measure progress in two ways:

  1. By cumulative grade point average and
  2. By percentage of courses that are completed with passing grades (accepted transfer credits are counted in the completion formula)

For more detail about our satisfactory progress policy, click here.

Third Year Study (after the associate degree)

Chatfield is accredited for third year level coursework toward a four-year degree.  A student may wish to take a third year of coursework after earning an associate degree at Chatfield College.  To receive SFA funds after earning an associatesdegree, a student must meet with the four-year transfer school and have a signed and accepted Chatfield course list from the transfer school in order to be SFA fund eligible.  A third-year student should be able to complete all needed Chatfield courses toward a four-year degree within 126 attempted credit hours.  Once a student has attempted 126 semester credit hours, their SFA fund eligibility at Chatfield College ends.  If a student cannot complete the approved hours within the 126 attempted hours, financial aid will not be available. At that time, a student should transfer to and receive financial aid from the four-year school.

Additional Eligibility Information

Household Income:There is no simple dollar amount of annual household income that divides eligible and ineligible students. Different aid programs have different requirements and eligibility formulas. For this reason it is necessary to complete the FAFSA before receiving an estimate of eligibility.

Students taking courses for audit; students with prior four-year degrees; postsecondary option students (high school students enrolled through Ohio S.B.140); students whose Chatfield credits for the degree, plus credit accepted in transfer, totals 90 or more semester credit hours will not be awarded financial aid.



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