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"Play Me I'm Yours" Piano Donated to Chatfield College

September 23rd, 2010

After instating its first-ever Vocal Music course, Chatfield's Findlay Market location music instructor, Kim Durr immediately set out on a mission to find a piano to ensure the students received the best musical experience she could offer.

For the past month, community members have been exposed to the beautifully painted pianos by Cincinnati Public Radio's "Play Me, I'm Yours," an outdoor art installation of 35 painted pianos by British artist Luke Jerram.

Here, Kim explains how the “Play Me I'm Yours” piano came to Chatfield:

 “I was recently hired by Chatfield College to create a vocal music class at the Findlay Market satellite.  This class has been created in response to students' desire to acquire their arts credits through singing.  We currently have 18 students enrolled in the class, which I think is awesome for a new class-offering.  Students range from early twenties to mid-fifties in age, and come from a wide variety of musical experience.

I have been very impressed with the desire of the students to learn about music, and their uninhibited willingness to participate in class activities.  We meet Friday mornings every week from 9:00 to 11:30am and I look forward to this class all week long.  It is a highlight of my week!  The students are open, inquisitive, outspoken, and enthusiastically disposed to sing, dance, listen, and discuss.  We have been invited to sing at the Chatfield Homecoming in October!

For these first three weeks of class, we have not had a keyboard in our classroom.  We have used recorded music, and have sung a cappella, so we are extremely grateful to have one of the ‘Play Me I'm Yours' pianos donated to our class!  Now we can sing with live accompaniment, and refer to the piano as a tool in learning about music.”

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