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Alumna Travels From Brazil To Visit Chatfield

March 6th, 2012

Ten years ago, Camila Agostinho (Class of 2000) went back to her native country of Brazil with an Associate Degree from Chatfield, a BA from Shawnee State, and a lifetime of memories and love for Chatfield College.  She didn't know if she would ever see the United States or Chatfield again, but she did know that she would never forget the people she met or the place that had made such a difference in her life.

She got married, began a career with the Siemen's Corporation in marketing communications, and had two children.  The years flew by for the busy, working mother but she thought often about her experience as a foreign exchange student at Chatfield and shared her memories with her sons, Luca, 8, and Joao, 4, wishing that they could see the small, Catholic, liberal arts college for themselves.

Camila's wish became reality on Feb. 6, 2012, when a long-awaited trip to the United States to visit her host family in Blanchester also gave her the opportunity to visit her “Chatfield family” in St. Martin.  She finally got to show her sons the place she had talked about for so many years. 

“It is a dream come true for me to be able to come back after more than 10 years and show my kids the places I have such great memories from, and to introduce to them the people who have made a difference in my life,” said Camila.  “It is a very emotional experience for me.  I've waited every single day of the last 10 years for this!”

As a foreign exchange student years ago, Camila came to Chatfield because she and her host family felt that Chatfield's small classes and family-like atmosphere would be a good place for someone from a different culture to succeed.  She says that at first she was not sure that she could do it.  English was her second language and there were many cultural differences to overcome.  But, she soon discovered that Chatfield was the ideal place for her to learn, and with the support of the faculty and staff, she successfully completed her studies and earned an Associate Degree.  She then went on to Shawnee State, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree before she returned to Brazil.

“I loved it here at Chatfield,” she said.  “The experience changed my life forever.  The faculty and staff inspired me in so many ways.”

Camila found her return to Chatfield  every bit as exciting as she thought it would be.  “I am just so happy to be back here,” she said.  “The campus is so beautiful.  The new building (Mongan Academic Building) is just wonderful!  Everything looks so different, but it still feels the same.  And the people " they all are still the same!”


Camila Agostinho chats with some of the instructors who taught her at Chatfield:   Roger Courts, Dolores Berish, Sue Hamann and Sr. Agatha Fitzgerald.






Camila and her sons, Joao and Luca, enjoy lunch at Chatfield.

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