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Chatfield College Has Successful Turnout for 3rd Annual 5K Run/Walk

June 23rd, 2014 Chatfield College Has Successful Turnout for 3rd Annual 5K Run/Walk

Over 60 runners and walkers ventured to Chatfield College in St. Martin to participate in the college’s annual 5K Run/Walk on June 21. 

“This is the first year that the 5K was held as a separate event from the Quilt, Craft and Car Show in April, and we were pleased with the turnout,” said Event Coordinator Brianna Cecil.  “We thought the race was a great success.  We had many returners as well as new-comers.  We plan to keep this date for our annual 5k.  Next year, we hope to attract even more runners and walkers.”

Trophies were awarded to the overall first place female and male runner.  Dre Lopez, a 2012 graduate of and runner for the University of the Cumberlands, took first place in the race.  Shelby Gibbons, a current student athlete at the Cumberlands and a 2010 Western Brown graduate, easily captured 1st place for the women.  As for the walk division, for Males 1-49, 8-year-old brothers Brian and Isaac Halker took first and second place.  The winners of the Female 1-49 age group were Jennifer Potts, 1st, and Missy Taylor, 2nd.  In the 50-99 Female category, Marion Misch was 1st, Jennifer West was 2nd, and Ruth Homan was 3rd.

                Medals were also awarded to the top three finishers in each age group. The awards are as follows:

                Male 1-13: T.J. Mootz, 1st

                        Female 14-19: Hayley Clark, 1st

                Male 14-19: Dakota Williams, 1st; Drew Puckett, 2nd; Alex Julian, 3rd

                Female 20-29: Shelby Brown. 1st; Amanda Williams, 2nd; Cathy Campbell, 3rd

                Male 20-29: Andrew Bridges, 1st; Zack West, 2nd; Allan Bridges, 3rd

                Female 30-39: Wendy Ellis, 1st; Cheryl Tracy, 2nd; Tabitha Butler, 3rd

                Male 30-39: Jared Worley, 1st; Carey West, 2nd

                Female 40-49: Terri Winkle, 1st; Laura Graham, 2nd; Tracy Gibbons, 3rd

                Male 40-49: Roger Thornberry, 1st

                Female 50-59: Michelle Patten, 1st; Tamara Irvin, 2nd; Lisa Boyd, 3rd

                Male 50-59: Danny Bubp, 1st; David Blocker, 2nd; Patrick Crone, 3rd

                Female 60-69: Susie Tabor, 1st

                Male 60-69: Ralph Jennings, 1st; Bob Clancy, 2nd


To see pictures of the event, go to Chatfield College’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.800446383319016.1073741873.121423551221306&type=3

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